Our Mission

The Art of Charity has prepared a roadmap  that will operate as a Non-Profit Organization. We  will provide food, toiletries (basic hygiene necessities), groceries, education, and help people find jobs. We will serve as a strategic roadmap for achieving the short-term and long-term goals of the entity while also serving as a principal entity to secure funding through grants and donations. 

The Art of Charity, with its vision of an organization that believes in lighting up the lives of underprivileged people across the world. We endeavor to provide the best quality services in areas including food, education and social welfare free of cost to people living in the dark and will try to achieve its short-term and long-term strategic objectives by focusing on business ethics and sustainable business practices.

According to a study, in the United States, almost a quarter of U.S. children under the age of 18 lived in a household with a single parent and more than 1 in 6 children under the age of 6 live in poverty and nearly half of those children live in extreme poverty. There is a critical – and growing – need for essential food, supplies, and education, and The Art of Charity mission is to support the people to meet the basic requirements and build the environments they need to thrive and empower them to create lasting change in their own lives and communities.”

The organization has identified different sources of funds that will help the entity to run its operations smoothly. These sources of funds are government grants, individuals, concerts and seminars, charity crowdfunding sites, foundations, corporate sponsorships, volunteers, and members’ contributions.

The Marketing Strategy of the Organization will be centralized and the market will be segmented into different components based upon the income level of the individuals that will ensure a sustainable source of funds for us. The Organization will also invest in online Marketing Tactics to show its presence in the digital arena. Further, we also have a plan to market our services through the online mediums that are discussed in detail on the next pages.

Primary Objectives

The Art of Charity has identified the following key objectives

  • Creating a reputable brand that instills quality, knowledge, and the highest degree of welfare services.
  • Expand our services and operations by consistently adding new options for the target audience so that The Art of Charity becomes a national identity.
  • Generate multiple sources of funding to ensure continued operation and public awareness.
  • Achieve user satisfaction through quality, efficient, safe, and timely delivery of the services.
  • Attract, retain and motivate the best human resource talent available with continuous development, work culture, and incentives.
  • Cultivate long-term sustainable social value.

Keys to Success

The Art of Charity has identified the following keys to success:

  • Highest level of integrity and hard work, like pillars in all dealings and offerings.
  • Continue to build and sustain relationships and reputations with our members, donors, sponsors, and the whole community.
  • A well-informed, passionate, and engaged board
  • A relationship built on respect, candor, and open communication between board members
  • A knowledgeable, and dedicated lead staff person

The Art of Charity will be recognized as an exclusive, premium NFP Organization for the provision of charitable work. The Organization will achieve success by utilizing the experience of its professional team of highly qualified professionals through continuous improvement in skills and services so that it can provide all the services efficiently.

Organization Overview

Registered Name and Corporate Structure

Corporate Name: The Art of Charity
Primary Business: Social Welfare Services
Legal Structure: Non-Profit Organization
Location: Sheridan, Wyoming, USA


” Our vision at The Art of Charity is Together we can make the world a better place for children, single parents, the homeless, and more”.

Mission Statement

” The mission of The Art of Charity cares for the homeless, children, and parents who need help. Our message is based on the lessons taught to us by Jesus Christ and we are motivated by the love of God. We hope to provide an environment where all those who are struggling can look to us for support.