About me

Who am I and why I started this?

My name is Jack Smith Jr.
and although it may not seem like it now, I grew up extremely poor. I didn’t have much access to the kinds of resources and life building tools that traditionally foster future success stories. But I persevered and today, I can proudly say that I’ve successfully started three businesses, have 3 beautiful girls that are my absolute heart, and now, I am able to pay it forward for the benefit of others. Admittedly, my transition to this place of helping others, much like my upbringing, came from a place of adversity. COVID-19 impacted me terribly, and forced me to take a step back and assess the things that matter. I’m a Christian above all else and I just felt as though God was pulling me in the direction of helping others.
I started The Art of Charity from a place of humbleness and love. I wanted to start using the entrepreneurial gifts that God gave me to help people that have fallen on hard times. To help meet their basic needs. To help them develop and move past their struggle with dignity and respect. In the end, I would love to cultivate a continuing cycle of giving back, where the people helped eventually become the people helping.